Learn Secrets to Restaurant & Business Success

During this one day event, HSG LIVE will help you understand the critical factors impacting your business right now, then refocus and realign you with the business strategy and psychology you needed for competing and succeeding in any economy.

It’s no secret that massive results come from massive action. HSG LIVE strategically breaks down the innovative approaches used by industry leaders.

The scope of what we will be covering:

  • Proven marketing strategies in the digital age
  • Learn how to build repeat business and customer loyalty
  • Grow your database and learn how to convert this into greater profits
  • The secrets to financial success in any economy
  • How to systematize your business and sales
  • How to set yourself apart from your competition
  • Increase Employee engagement
  • Understand the right time to sell (we'll share the little known secrets to get out at the right time)

All North America Events 2017

Vancouver - Ottawa - Los Angeles - New York

More locations TBA

 *****Dates, Times, Venues TBA

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