Innovative Low-Budget Marketing Strategies

Low-Budget Restaurant Marketing Starts Here!

Low-Hanging Fruit Email Marketing Strategy

The single most powerful marketing is also the most under-utilized in our industry! Every restaurant shoud have a comprehensive email marketing strategy. It's direct, FREE and highly effective (if done properly). Use this strategy to quickly build repeat business and customer loyalty without ever being viewed as spam. One good email can bring more customers in tonight!


Other People's Customers

Your local Gift Shop, Butcher, Hairdresser, Flower Shop or any retail business in your area will benefit by using your restaurant to promote their own business.

This strategy outlines how to get your local business to pay you to promote your restaurant. They will be sending you new customers AND collecting their customer's email addresses for you to legally use, all while creating an image of greater connection to your community.


Serve And Collect

This is a great marketing strategy on it's own to get customers in the door more often but it also does double duty by collecting nearly all of your customer's emails in the process.

 Serve And Collect can cost nothing to implement, and will have your customers practically throwing their emails at you, allowing you to then get directly in front of them for free!

Having a good customer email list IS the most important aspect of any no-budget marketing....or any marketing period. Some of your customers will stay on your list for as long as you are in business, making this one of the best investments you will ever make for your business!


Bundle And Save!

These 3 Marketing Strategies Work Very Well In Tandem. Get Them Together For One Low Price!

Buy 3 And Save!

Buy all three of our restaurant email and database marketing strategies for more customers and more money. You'll get Low-Hanging Fruit, Other People's Customers, & Serve & Collect. Each of these strategies can be used one at a time or all at once!


Friends With Benefits

Tired of your posts only reaching a small amount of the people who have already liked your page?

In this step-by-step guide you'll learn how to get more fans following your page and how to use the facebook algorithm to get a higher engagement level  with your posts by your fans which will then expand your reach to more people...without paying facebook a cent in promoted posts!


8 Ways To Profit From Your Restaurant's Profile

Food and beverage sales are not your only available source of income!

Learn how to create passive income from your restaurant business' profile and how to have your surrounding local businesses subsidize your marketing & advertising costs.

8 Simple strategies to create alternative income from your restaurant.


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